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Spring Break

April 9th, 2013 11:15 AM by Amy Schiller-Goldstein

Spring Break & Integrity...

I didn’t mean to miss a Friday blog; however I have just endured my first spring break as a Mom with a child in school. Needless to say, my daughter has begun her mortgage training at BMIC very early on, as I did. I grew up in a family in which Mortgages were our trade; we could say it runs in my blood. My father has been a very established mortgage professional since he started working as a banker in 1974. I am very lucky to continue learning the business from people who have seen a wide spectrum of changes; they have taught me a lot, my biggest lesson, work with integrity.

As a consumer, I really don’t have the desire to sweat the small stuff. I am perfectly happy hiring an accountant to do my taxes, a landscaper to care for my lawns and plants, a financial planner who keeps my assets in check.  I choose these types of experts because they are always going to be better at their job than I would be trying to do it myself; just as I am better equipped to finance your home.  Did you know that in order to broker a mortgage loan, an individual must pass exams, get licensed by the states they conduct business in and the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System. This type of testing  and licensing make for your Mortgage professional to be more knowledgeable of lending laws and how best to help find you the most suitable loan products. All of these new lending laws that you hear news anchors talk about, or see in newspaper headlines & on CNN, have been put in place to protect you, the consumer.

When we begin the mortgage process together, it is my highest of hopes that we establish a trust with each other. You’re giving me the honor of evaluating your finances, praying I can get you into the house of your dreams or save you money on your existing home. As a consumer, I expect nothing less than the best, so when I answer your calls or emails, I give you everything I have to give. I am the one who gets to worry about your home value, or become the reminder for you to remember to send a certain document back to us that we need for closing etc... I do it because it’s my job; I do it because you chose to work with me because I expect nothing less than the best.

I leave work some days with a man I’ve spent most of my life calling Dad, who I now call Gary Monday-Friday from 9am-6pm; and when we leave his questions are usually the same old, “did you have a good day,” “what’s for dinner,” & then he throws me the real question... “Did you work with integrity”? Nothing like checks and balances huh?? With every ounce of truth I can answer him, “yes” every day.  Mortgage Professionals integrity has been challenged and questioned over the past 5 years due to faulty bank lending and shady business people who were in the business to make a quick buck.  The roots of my business come from a man who has instilled not only into his family, but his caliber of business, integrity, and if that’s not the perfect reason to work with BMIC, I don’t know what is!

Have a great week,


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Posted by Amy Schiller-Goldstein on April 9th, 2013 11:15 AM

Excellent blog. I have worked with Amy and she epitomizes what a professional should be. I highly recommend her and BMIC!
Posted by Todd Margolis on April 29th, 2013 11:33 AM