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The Mortgage Broker & the Realtor buy a house together

July 8th, 2013 3:47 PM by Amy Schiller-Goldstein

The mortgage broker and realtor are the buyers…

A little insight into my personal life, my husband and I put a contract on our forever home! Yippeee!! I am not a first time home buyer however when it comes to buying a home with my husband this is our first property purchase together.  I have in fact mentioned before that my husband is a buyer’s and is my “go to guy” for all things home buying related; but when we become the  buyers, our real estate world as we know it gets turned upside down.  Before we went looking we each made a list of 10 things we wanted in the house, 5 of those things were nonnegotiable. On my list I had an open, large flat back yard fenced in, at least 4 bedrooms, basement & massive. My husbands were more practical, walk out basement, brick front; fenced yard, at least 2 car garage, and he wanted gas.  Trying to plug all of these wishes into the MLS or any real estate finder will result in zero; so we decided to cut the list out and go for zip code and 4+ bedrooms.  There it was the house I have dreamed about my whole life...  We walk in and within 3 hours we have a full ratified contract.

You would think that putting a realtor and a mortgage broker together as buyers would equate to an easy process; in our case yes, the contract negotiation and loan process was very easy, its everything else that it difficult.  Gutters and HVAC cleaning... Get an electrician for TV wiring; call Pepco and WSSC; a trash company and cable set up, those are the big things.. Then the little things... Get a landscaper to come out and trim and make our already beautiful and lush landscaping look cleaner, make sure all bathrooms have a bath mat, hire a mover, decide what the mover is in fact going to move, pick paint colors.. In our case our wonderful seller had brand new hardwood flooring put in after she vacated the home and had the entire house painted white. We have a beautiful blank canvas which is driving me insane!!!!

I am grateful for my background in real estate, my husbands too, however ever when we become the buyer we are just like everyone else. We get worried and scared. My husband has a great way of turning his anxiety into productive time as our entire home is already packed up and boxes are stacked in our garage labeled by room. I, on the other hand have taken to  So when we’re on the phone and you may not feel as though I understand your frustration in the home buying process, please remember I am a consumer as well.  And buying a home is NOT easy, even for the most qualified, most experienced home buyers…

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Posted by Amy Schiller-Goldstein on July 8th, 2013 3:47 PM

Nice relevant Blog Amy. Looking forward to reading the post-closing story of how the transaction felt to the parties involved looking back on it. This is the type of stuff real people can relate to. I like it. Thanks for sharing! Christopher Coy
Posted by Christopher Coy on September 3rd, 2013 2:25 PM