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July 18th, 2013 2:07 PM by Amy Schiller-Goldstein

Real time with Amy

Hello all! I hope your week has been lovely! The DC area has
been experiencing EXTREME heat, amen for air conditioning. I am in the mists of
writing a “how to” blog, but it is taking some time and I wanted to post
something so my loyal readers don’t think I forgot about them!!!! I want to
talk about my work place. BMIC is my second home, and the staff members are
easily my second family. I spend 8-10 hours a day with these people 5 days a
week, and am so grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such compassionate,
competent, hilarious people. The staff
at BMIC has been together for quite some time and I wanted to introduce you to
them because they are a pivotal force in your loan process!!!

Gary Schiller- President & Senior Broker- Gary has been
in the mortgage industry for well over 40 years and is as versed in the
mortgage industry as one can be. His reputation of excellence in the industry
has far superseded itself and he is held in very high esteem with all banking
professionals and clientele. Gary runs a tight ship here at BMIC and it shows
in the caliber of loans we submit to our lenders and the repeat clientele.

Chuck Via- Senior Loan Officer- Chuck has been with BMIC for
14 years and is a very detail oriented mortgage professional. He fights for his
customer’s best interest during the loan process. Chuck is an asset to the
lending industry and his clients are always pleased!

Beth Smith – Loan Processor- Beth has been with BMIC for 18 years
and amen to that!!!! Beth is the best processor in the world! A problem solver
and mathematical genius; she is the reason our loans are ready to close in the
most efficient of manners. Beth has been complimented by every lender we have
worked with saying that she submits the cleanest easiest loans to underwrite!

Eric Goldstein – Appraisal Management & IT- Eric has
been with BMIC for 7 years. If you need something done, Eric’s your guy! He has
kept our appraisals in check and our computers working! His extensive
background in real estate makes his knowledge of “what works” such an asset to

Terri Sienkwicz- Title & Insurance Manager – Terri has
been with BMIC for 4.5 years. When you call BMIC, Terri is the ray of sunshine
that answers the phone. She is also the force behind your title and insurance,
your verifications of employment, and subordinations.

Joan Schiller- Closing Manager- Joan has been the closing
manager form BMIC for 24 years. Joan sends you the goodbye packages and
reminder of who to send your mortgage to. She is also an amazing artist!

Shawna Shoemaker- Loan Officer Assistant- Amen for Shawna!
Shawna assists Gary & Amy in all things mortgages. Our customers love her!!
Shawna stays on top of loan conditions, pricing, change of circumstances, and
can answer any questions our borrowers have!

And then there is me! Amy Goldstein. I have been with BMIC
since May of 2001; I started out as Gary’s Loan officer assistant and have
worked my way up to Senior Mortgage Broker. I love my job and all that it
entails, but mostly I love talking to my customers. Getting to know you is the
best part of my job!!!!

Cheers to the amazing staff of BMIC & we hope you
continue to have a good week!!

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Posted by Amy Schiller-Goldstein on July 18th, 2013 2:07 PM